Canada: Days 1-4

I arrived in Kalispell, MT where my friend would pick me up and take me over the border to the Great North.
Not gonna lie, I was expecting more friendly, less border patrol-y there, but I made it in!
Before that we drove for over an hour through Montana and saw the most beautiful landscapes.

image.jpeg                                                   Trees for daaaaayysss.

Even though I was still in the US, I got a little disoriented thinking I had landed in Canada and thinking “Oh wow, they have Costco and Quiznos too.” Which I am now aware Canada does have those anyways.

Arrived at my friends house, again seeing gorgeous landscapes and just taking in all the Canadian-ness. On my first full day here, we took out the Kubota around the woods and I got to learn to drive it too!
Driving through really bumpy woods, it took some practice to keep it smooth. Or somewhat smooth.

One thing I was excited to experience was Tim Hortons, known for their coffee and doughnuts. In the small town nearby, there are two Tim Hortons. Canadians love their Tim Hortons.

So the conclusion so far is thus far is Canada has lots of trees. More adventuring and exploring to come!


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