Bolivia: Days 1-4

And less than a week after leaving the beautiful Canada, I was off to Bolivia!

I found it amusing when I looked in my wallet and found this:
photo 1

I haven’t been on a long flight in about three years, and I had realized this when I couldn’t fall asleep for the first 5-hour flight and the subsequent 7-hour flight. Oh dear.

Well, before that — arriving in Bolivia was a bit of an adventure. We (my mom and I) landed in Santa Cruz where we encountered the infamous Boa Airlines, which is the national airline. We were sent to one gate, then to another, granted the airport is very small, but they couldn’t figure out which gate we were flying out of.
Then we boarded the plane, to which they said we needed to get off since this was actually meant to go to another city.
Then the correct plane had a broken windshield. Here they are trying to quickly fix it:
photo 2

After a two-hour delay, we made it!
This trip is primarily a family reunion, so it’s been a lot of seeing family.

It has been interesting getting to see the city I was born in, but I was raised in the US.

On our first official day, we had a traditional meal called Silpancho, as shown below with rice and sliced potatoes underneath.
photo 4


It was delicious. Afterward we got ice cream, and the next two days we were incredibly sick. Something with the food didn’t sit well with us. Possibly either place uses tap water, which is not water we’re accustomed to and isn’t necessarily safe to drink as well.

Thus was my initiation to Bolivia, getting sick. Yayy.

At least we flew into Santa Cruz. From what I’ve heard, if you fly to La Paz – since the altitude is much higher, people get sick all the time if you’re not accustomed to it.

Doing much better now, and off to see more sights!


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