Bolivia: Days 9-12

There were various days where we went to La Cancha, which is a marketplace.

There’s one long area dedicated to instruments, another to souvenirs (for wonderfully cheap), and the majority is food or everyday products.
photo 2It was a bit intimidating because there’s so many things to look at and potentially buy, but also so many people. The souvenirs area isn’t as crowded thankfully.

I always prefer to buy a souvenir for myself that I know I’ll use everyday. Although I may not use this backpack everyday, it will sure come in handy. Also it’s pretty.

photo 3Going to La Cancha is definitely an adventure, not only in navigating your way through it, but navigating your way there via public transportation.
They refer to their buses as “Micros” (Mee-crows), which cost about 2 Bolivianos to ride. You can also take a taxi, which aren’t that expensive either.

After seeing it from afar, my mom and I decided to actually go up and see this Jesus statue up close. You can either go up 2,000 steps, or cable car to get to the top.
We chose the latter.

photo 4
Seeing the city from up high was also great. It is unfortunate since there are no regulations, the pollution is pretty bad. According to one of my aunts, they have the worst pollution in all of Bolivia. It’s all dirt, smog, and more dirt.
photo 5The city isn’t how my mom remembered it from her youth. There are endearing qualities, but it could also be improved — which was the same thing I heard from various residents.

With my time in Cochabamba coming to a close, and various good-byes to say still, I still have Santa Cruz to explore before going back home.


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