Bolivia: Days 13-15

Although there were only two days left of my trip, we managed to visit Santa Cruz and explore a bit more of Bolivia.

We opted to not go to Salar de Uyuni considering it was a 10-hour bus ride and the surface isn’t reflective right now. I’m sure it’s still beautiful right now, but if we’re going on that long of a trip, we’d really want to make it worth our while. Hopefully the next time I visit, we’ll go during rainy season.

Our hotel was about four blocks away from the main plaza, called Plaza 24 de Septiembre.

photo 1 (3)So many birds!

Already we saw a clear difference in how clean and well-maintained Santa Cruz is compared to Cochabamba.
The buildings surrounding the plaza are all white, also making it look really pretty.
photo 2 (2)

A relative took us to this newer mall nearby which was also very nice. In Santa Cruz, there’s more American franchises present, which was clear when we saw (and ate) at Hard Rock Cafe, saw a T.G.I. Fridays under construction, and a Burger King.

photo 3 (2)
Our final night in Santa Cruz, we strolled around the plaza again where no birds were to be found!

photo 2 (1)

Admired the cathedral one last time…

photo 3 (3)

And heard pop music being blasted from behind the cathedral. I figured it might be some World Cup game after-party of sorts, but was surprised to find an outdoor Zumba class in session!

photo 5                             Fun fact: the instructor was staying at our hotel!

Overall it was a great trip, and it was wonderful getting to see so many relatives and visit the country where I was born.

My goals for whenever I go next will be to visit Copacabana and Salar de Uyuni.

Until next time, Bolivia!



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