Review: Delirium / Eleanor & Park

I have so much love for these books in different ways and let me just talk about them for a second.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a young adult dystopian novel, which are pretty much my favorite type of books right now. I have not read the other two books of the series yet, but I will definitely read them soon! (Actually after I’m done with Insurgent and Allegiant)

It’s a fairly long book and I kept wanting to read more and more of it. It’s about a young girl named Lena who lives in a society where love is a disease, and at a certain age you receive a treatment which will get rid of all those type of emotions. Love is seen as dangerous. Such an interesting concept and a great twist on the typical forbidden love stories. What I love most about these newer young adult dystopian series is the fact even though a love interest is introduced, the female protagonist does not depend on the male – WHICH IS AWESOME. They work as a team to fight whatever comes their way.

I’m giving a bit away of the plot there, but hey, in a book about love being dangerous – you gotta figure some danger will occur.

If you enjoyed Divergent, you will also love this book.

Also if you’ve read the book and if you dare, apparently they tried to make this into a TV show and the pilot was too awful they opted against airing it. You can watch six minutes of it here. (I only managed to watch two minutes)

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is an example of a book I never wanted to end. This is not the perfect love story, it’s a realistic love story. It’s all the awkwardness of liking someone and not being sure if they like you back. It’s hating the other person at first, but realizing they aren’t so bad after all. Of course, it deals with when your life isn’t perfect and trying to figure out how love is supposed to fit into your messed up world.
Simply put, it’s about being a teenager.

Eleanor is an overweight, insecure teenager whose home life is terrible at best, while Park is half-Korean and feels he doesn’t fit in their town of Omaha, Nebraska. Somehow these two from different worlds connect after having to sit next to each other on the bus. They see, despite their obvious differences, that they’re a lot alike.

If you’re a fan of My Mad Fat Diary – you will love this.
Also if you ever read Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, this book is also told from each of the characters perspectives! Which is a fun format.

They did announce a movie adaption in April, which is exciting, but also terrifying.
I’m worried they will cast two super-fit, model type actors, because when you read the book these feel like real people who you went to school with. I hope they stay true to the book casting-wise, but also capturing the awesomeness of this book.

Oh movie adaptations, I trust you for the most part, but don’t let me down.


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