Melodies and Riffs

Do you remember the first time you heard a song and were completely mesmerized by it? Listening to it again after isn’t quite the same. The song is still great, and you know it’s great, but you’re not listening as intently. Sometimes it falls as background noise.

Then time goes by and you come back to that song, and it’s almost like listening to it the first time except this time you know all the parts.
The lyrics, the riffs, the melody, and you just enjoy it.

I mainly think of this as I listen to Andrew Bird’s live performance of “Tenuousness”, which was also the first time I heard his music. I was so caught up in it because it’s so unique and wonderful. Also the first time I heard “Clair de Lune”, every time after I heard it I swore the first time the song was so much longer.

Is there a song like that for you?

Here’s the video if you’re curious


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