Review: Begin Again

You may have seen trailers for this movie on TV a few months ago and like me, you were confused as to what exactly it’s about. Granted, TV trailers have 15-30 seconds to explain a whole plot, so it’s not likely any movie could be explained coherently in that amount of time. Some kind of music element, dancing around New York, and Adam Levine? Okay, why not.

I found Begin Again to be such a delightful movie and one that I really adore.
It made so much sense when I looked it up and saw the writer/director is John Carney who also made Once.

To quickly sum it up, it’s about Greta (Keira Knightley) who was betrayed by her fellow musician boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) as his fame started to rise, and on her supposed last night in New York she plays an open mic, which Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a dejected music exec, hears when his own life is spiraling down and is inspired again to foster this new talent.

It’s wistful, it makes you feel good, the songs are wonderful, and I already said I adore it, but I adore this movie.

If you’re someone who’s looking for inspiration or even musically inclined, I’d recommend this movie. I can’t sing and can sort of play the guitar, but man this movie had me feeling like I could start a band. I’ll spare the world of that though.

It did leave me inspired wanting to make something creative though, just film something or finally write the story ideas I’ve been meaning to write.

Also the songs are so great. Of all the songs I’d have to say “Lost Stars” is my favorite, and I’m partial to Adam Levine’s version, which can also be found on Maroon 5’s V Album Deluxe Edition.
Here’s the song if you’d like to listen!


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